Gasketed Plate Heat Exchanger

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Gasketed Plate Heat Exchanger

Our gasketed plate heat exchanger integrates a number of heat exchanging plates hasped or pasted by gaskets and tightened up by clamping bolt. Connected port of the plate forms a continuous flow passage, through which the media flows from the inlet and is transferred to main heat exchanging area.

Each plate is mounted with gasket and assembled in certain directions so that it gets two kinds of media separated flowing countercurrent in the corresponding passage. Therein, the hot fluid transfers the heat to the plate, which will deliver the heat to the cold fluid on the other side. In this way, the hot fluid is cooled and the cold fluid is heated.

1.High Efficiency
Due to the pressed pattern, various contact points relative narrow space between plates, this gasketed plate heat exchanger achieves high turbulence of heat at low fluid velocity. Combined with counter directional flow, it shows high heat transfer coefficients.

2. Compact Size
Less heat transfer area is required because of its high efficiency. Our machine is much smaller than other competitors to accomplish the same task.

3. Ease of Dismantling and Cleaning
The bolts, frame parts even the plate pack are easy for checking, cleaning and dismantling for refurbishment.

4. Less Fouling
Compared to other types of products, this gasketed plate heat exchanger offers smooth plate, lessening the fouling effectively.

5. Low Cost
High heat transfer efficiency refers to less space, lessened flow rate and smaller pump. This efficient product is an ideal device for saving cost for users.

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