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The semi welded plate heat exchanger is particularly offered for heating and cooling of aggressive media. Two corrugated plates are positioned back to back and welded together as "cassette" by laser, along the sealing groove designed for the gasket of the semi welded PHE. Then, the cassettes will be sealed with gasket outside. When the refrigerant flows from one cassette to the other through the passageway, only two of the four ring gaskets at the inlet and outlet get in contact with the media.

Our semi welded plate heat exchanger is designed with two O-ring gaskets made of corrosion resistant material like teflon, viton, or chloroprene rubber. In addition, the heat exchange device can be provided with sealing gaskets produced from NBR or EPDM. For first class quality, we employ stainless steel or titanium plate for the production of the corrosion resistant plate heat exchanger.

Advantages of Semi Welded Plate Heat Exchanger
1. Wide temperature range from -38℃ to 200℃
2. Maximum design pressure up to 30 bar
3. Rigid mechanical construction
4. Outstanding leakproofness for high safety
5. Capacity in handling aggressive media
6. Adjustable size
7. Compact structure and small installation space

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