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Plate Heat Exchanger Application

Food and Beverage Processing
Our plate heat exchanger possesses a variety of strong points that enable it to be the bright choice in food processing applications. For example, it is easy to be disassembled safely for cleaning and inspection, conforming to the strict standards in food processing, dairy and pharmaceutical industries.

This device is formed by hygienic materials like stainless steel and special gaskets that are universal parts in contact with food. Moreover, it is capable of separating fluids reliably and avoiding contamination of food products.

The versatile exchanger is suitable for heating, pasteurizing or cooling foodstuff. Due to the compact structure and distinguished heat transferring performance, our plate heat exchanger becomes the essential asset in food processing industries.

1. Brewing: Wort boiling, wort cooling, beer cooling and beer pasteurization.
2. Soft drink: Pasteurization of syrup and final product, water heating and sugar dissolving of final product.
3. Dairy: Milk pasteurization, milk reception, cultured milk treatment, UHT, cream pasteurization, ice cream mixing treatment, cheese milk heat treatment.
4. Fruit processing: Pasteurization of juice, nectar and concentrates, cooling of final product.

Manufacturing and Industrial Use
In fact, the plate heat exchanger offers no limitation for applying in industrial and manufacturing fields. It is the first choice whenever the reliable, efficient and precise heat transfer is needed.

Aside from solid construction, reliable workmanship, optimal raw materials and efficient performance, our product varies in different types, such as double wall type, semi-welded type, wide gap type, etc. There will be one product fulfilling the requirements of specifications in the industrial or manufacturing use.

1. Mining: Plating heaters and coolers, analyzing heaters and coolers, strike solution cooling, quench oil coolers, sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, hydrogen peroxide, titanium dioxide, chloride alkaline, soda ash, steel.
2. Automotive field
Phosphatizing: Phosphoric acid solution heating.
Pickling: Sulfuric and hydrochloric acid heating and cooling
Rinsing: Heating rinsing water
Passivating: Heating and maintaining passivating bath temperature, precutting cooling of electrolytic bath solution (5 to 15% plain and water).
Priming and painting: Heat and maintain paint temperature.
3. Textile: Heat recovery, caustic solution heating and cooling washers.
4. Pulp and paper: Blowdown liquor coolers, caustic soda coolers, black liquor heating, boiler blowdown heat recovery.
5. Sugar: Water, juice, syrup and molasses heating, juice demineralization and evaporation.
6. Vegetable oil: Heating, cooling, economizing, cooling water system, hot water system, waste water treatment, etc.

Marine Application
It generally takes many days to repair ships even by skilled personnel. At this moment, this reliable and low maintenance plate heat exchanger plays an especially important role in seawater isolation, central cooling, jacket fresh water cooling, lube oil cooling, camshaft lube, oil cooling, etc.

Hydrocarbon Processing
This plate heat exchanger is popularized in refining oil and gas and it facilitates the profitability based on its high efficiency. Energy conservation performance contributes to environment protective refining operation.

With minimal fouling, easy approach temperature, low maintenance requirement and outstanding construction made of quality materials, it offers high compatibility with aggressive fluids. The incorporation of such preeminent properties makes the product suitable for a wide range of use in refining.

1. Methanol: Prehearing, water cooling, liquid cooling.
2. Ethylene oxide: Lean or rich cycle water interchanger, lean cycle water cooler.
3. Propylene oxide: Sodium hydroxide cooling, reaction mixture cooling, heat recovery from reactor bottom liquid.
4. Ethylene glycol: Product cooling, reactor feed heater and interchanger.
5. Formaldehyde: Methanol preheating, formalin cooling, water cooling.
6. Ethylene-propylene: Water cooling and heating, propylene condenser, propylene cooling, naphtha preheating.

Our versatile, economical and reliable plate heat exchanger is applied to various heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) uses. In respect of distinguished properties, this product stands out for HVAC applications, such as cooling tower isolation, free cooling, heat pump system, sea water isolation, thermal storage system, pressure interceptor, etc.

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