GEA Plates

GEA Plates GEA Plates GEA Plates GEA Plates GEA Plates GEA Plates GEA Plates
GEA Plates GEA Plates GEA Plates

We is engaged in producing and supplying PHE plates, PHE, and PHE gaskets. Apart from VT series replacement plate, we also provide the replacement plate of NT series and free-flow series for PHE. In addition, we can also offer plate expansion, cleaning, as well as product design and calculating services.

H-shaped V-shaped

Materials and Thickness
1. Material: 304SS, 316SS, Ti, ASMO254, Hastelloy C-276, Ni201, 904L
2. Thickness: 0.5mm-1mm

Model Port Diameter(mm) Heat Transfer Area/pc(m2) Types
DG4P Φ32 0.04 V
DG4 Φ32 0.04 H
DG10 Φ50 0.1 V, H
DG20 loc-in Φ75 0.26 V, H
DG20P Φ115 0.46 V, H
DG100 T Φ100 V, H
DG100 M Φ100 V, H
DG100 X Φ100 V, H
DG150 S Φ154 0.48 V, H
DG150 L
DG250 S Φ250 V, H
DG250 M Φ250 V, H
DG250 L Φ250 V, H
DG350 S Φ350 V

The above data are for reference use only. If you are interested in other models of plates, PHE machines, and gaskets, please contact us.

The unique diverging flow channel design of our GEA plates ensures high heat transfer efficiency. The plate can be made of Ti, Hastelloy or Ni, featuring high corrosion resistance. It has a uniformly corrugated surface with no residual stress or any other defects. It is able to achieve a smooth flow speed, high heat exchange efficiency, and low pressure drop. V-shaped and H-shaped ridges enhance the heat transfer coefficient, causing no fouling or clogging.

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