Funke Plates

Funke Plates Funke Plates Funke Plates

As a professional producer and supplier of PHE plates, our company offers an alternative solution for producing replacement certain of vicarb products. In addition, plate design, enlargement, and cleaning as well as specification calculation services are also available.

Model Port Diameter (mm) Heat Transfer Area/pc (m2) s Types
DF02 H
DF04 5 L,H
DF08 12 L,H
DF10 L,H
DF16 L,H
DF22 L,H
DF205 L,H
DF31 150 L,H
DF40 200 L,H
DF50 L,H
DF41 280 L,H
DF60 420 L,H
DF80 560 L,H

Materials and Thickness
1. Materials: 304SS, 316SS, Ti, ASMO254, Hastelloy C-276, Ni201, 904L
2. Thickness: 0.5mm-1mm

The above data are for reference use only. If you are interested in other models of plates, PHE machines, and gaskets, please contact us.

The funke plates is made of 304SS and 316SS. It shows a good corrosion resistance to water, vapor, air, acid, alkali, salt, and many other corrosive media. It can be supplied with various hole diameters ranging from 20mm to 400mm, and plate areas between 0.02m2 and 1.7m2. Easy to clean, assemble, and replace, the plate retains few fluids on its channel thereby reducing fouling and clogging. The high heat transfer efficiency decreases the running and maintenance cost.

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