Tranter Plates

Tranter Plates Tranter Plates Tranter Plates

Our plate is used to replace certain series of tranter products. It can be made of 304SS, 316SS, Ti, ASMO254, Hastelloy C-276, Ni201, or 904L with a thickness of 0.5mm or 1mm. In addition, we provide PHE machine and plate design, enlargement, cleaning, and specification calculation services.

H-shaped V-shaped
Model Port Diameter(mm) Heat Transfer Area/pc2) Types
DC51 Φ145 0.51 V
DC26 Φ105 0.26 H, V
DX26 Φ105 0.26 H, V
DX42 Φ105 0.44 H, V
DL13 Φ67 0.13 H, V
DC18 Φ67 0.18 V
DX51 Φ145 0.51 V
DX18 Φ67 0.18 H, V

The above data are for reference use only. If you are interested in other models of plates, PHE machines, and gaskets, please feel free to contact us.

Our tranter plates can adopt 304SS or 316SS as the making material so that it can cope with fluids like pure water, river water, food oil, and mineral oil. It also employs Hastelloy as the making material so that the concentrated sulphuric acid, hydrochloric acid, and phosphoric acid can be used as the heat transfer media. Our plate gives high heat transfer efficiency in exchanging heat between two liquids or between vapor and liquid without causing fouling on the channel wall.

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