Sondex Plates

Sondex Plates Sondex Plates

As a professional supplier and manufacturer of the PHE plate, our company can produce the replacement plate for certain Sondex products. We also offer PHE plate and machine design, enlargement, cleaning, and specification calculation services.

H-shaped L-shaped
Model Port Diameter (mm) Center Distance of the Hole (mm) Dimensions (mm) Heat Transfer Area/pc(m2) Types
DS065 Φ202 1091×395 1362×659 0.65 L, H
DS081 Φ300 1079×480 1461×868 0.81 L, H
DS121 Φ300 1490×480 L, H
DS04 Φ28 381*70 448*138 0.04 L, H
DS08 Φ28 656*70 723*138 0.08 L, H
DS043 Φ202 791*395 1062*659 0.43 L, H

The above data are for reference use only. If you are interested in other models of plates, PHE machines, and gaskets, please feel free to contact us.

Using high strength and wear resistance stainless steel, Ti, or Hastelloy as the making material ensures a high performance of our sondex plates. High precision pressing of the plate ensures a uniform pressure distribution over its contact points. The diverging inlet is designed with a flow line guiding trough. This unique design reduces the pressure drop in different flow channels, and ensures that the fluid flows are equally distributed among the whole heat exchange areas. It avoids the occurrence of corrosion, fouling, and heat exchange efficiency decrease caused by uneven distribution of fluid flows and flowing dead corners.

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