Semi-welded Plate for PHE

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Semi-welded Plate for PHE

The semi-welded plate for PHE is specially offered for aggressive media. Generally, two pieces of PHE stainless steel plates are welded back to back by laser along the sealing groove for the gasket to form the plate cassette. Each cassette is sealed with a gasket. The refrigerant flows from one cassette to the other, contacting with only two of the four ring gaskets at the inlet and the outlet.

Advantages of Semi-welded Plate for PHE
1. The titanium plate for PHE is suitable for the working temperature from -38 to 200℃.
2. The design pressure reaches up to 30bar.
3. Applicable for aggressive media, our plate heat exchanger parts come with strong mechanical construction.
4. Excellent leakproofness, high safety
5. Installed with our semi-welded plate, the size of the PHE is adjustable.
6. Compact structure and small installation space

Technical Specification
Model Port Diameter Heat Transfer Area Types
TF6M-W 58mm 0.18m2 H,V
TF10B-W 100mm 0.24m2 H,V
TF15KB-W 140mm 0.62m2 H,V

Plates: SS304, SS316/316L, titanium
Sealing Gasket: NBR, EPDM, CR, viton
O-ring: CR, viton, teflon

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