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We are capable of offering a variety of used and refurbished plate heat exchanger parts.

Replacement Plate Range
Alfa Laval:
M3, M6B/M6M, M10B/M10M, M15B/M15M, M20M/T20B, MX25B, MX25M, M30, TS6M, TS20M, TL10B, P16,P26/P22, P36, M6M-W, M10B-W, M15KB-W

VT04,VT10,VT20,VT80,NT100T/M/L/X. NT150S/L, NT250S/M/L, NT350S.


GL13,GX18,GC26/GX26,GX42,GX51/GC51 GX60

FP02, FP04,FP08,FP10, P16,FP22, FP205, FP31,FP40, FP41, FP50,FP60 FP80

S4A, S8A, S43, S65, S81, S121

TL90SS, TL90PP, TL250SS, TL250PP, TL400SS, TL150SS, TL150PP, TL650SS, TL650PP.

Replaceable PHE Gaskets Range
Maker and Model Assembling Type Maker and Model Assembling Type Maker and Model Assembling Type Maker and Model Assembling Type
ALFA LAVAL GEA Glue Type SWEP Glue Type APV Glue nail Type
M3 Clip Lock VT4 GX42 B063
M6B Clip Lock VT10 GX60 A055
M6M Clip Lock VT20 GXD060 A085
M10B Clip Lock VT20P GX85 Q080
M10M Clip Lock VT40 GL13 J107
M10BW VT40M GX100 N50
M15B Clip Lock VT80M S-3 Glue Type M92
M15M Clip Lock VT80 UX-O1 Glue Type J092
M20M/T20M Clip Lock FN40 UX-05 Glue Type H17
MX25B Clip Lock FA184 UX-20 Glue Type T14
MX25M FA184 UX-30 Glue Type SR-1
M30 Glue Type NT50M Button Lock UX-40 Glue Type SR-2 O-ring Gasket
TS6M Clip Lock NT50X Button Lock VICARB SR-2 Button Lock
TS20M NT100 T Button Lock V4 Glue Type SR-3 Button Lock
T20B NT100 M Button Lock V8 Glue Type N35
T20P NT100 X Button Lock V13 Glue Type J060
TL10B Clip Lock NT150 L Button Lock V20 Glue Type J185 Glue Type
A10B Button Lock NT150SS Button Lock V28 Glue Type PFFPE Evapoator GF03
A15B NT250 S Button Lock V45 Glue Type PFFPE Evapoator BF02-1/3
A20 Glue Type NT250 M V60A/B Glue Type PFFPE Evapoator BF02-2
AM20N/AM20 Glue Type NT250 L V85 Glue Type PFFPE Evapoator BF02-4
AK20 Glue Type NT350 S V85D Glue Type FFPE Evapoator GF01
M20W NT350 M V100A/B Glue Type FFPE Evapoator GF02
P16 NT500 V110 Glue Type Schmidt
P22 Glue Type SWEP V130 Glue Type Sigma27
P26 Glue Type GX18 Glue Type V170 Glue Type Sigma37
P36 Glue Type GX51 V280 Glue Type Sigma66
A30 Glue Type GC51 Glue Type HISAKA Sigma29
CLIP8 Clip Lock GX26 RX-70 Glue Type
CLIP10 Clip Lock GC26 LX-50A Button Lock
S4 Button Lock TL850SS FP16
S4 Hang-on TL850PP FP19
S7 Hang-on TL650SS FP22
S8 Hang-on TL650PP FP205
S8 Button L ock TL500SS FP31
S9 Hang-on TL500PP FP40
S14 Hang-on TL400SS FP41
S14 Sonder Lock TL250SS FP50
S15 TL250PP FP60
S17 Sonder Lock TL200SS FP80
S19a Sonder Lock TL200PP
S21 Hang-on TL150SS
S21 Sonder Lock TL150PP
S22 Sonder Lock TL90SS
S37 Sonder Lock TL90PP
S41 Sonder Lock CARDINALE
S43 H25 Glue Type
S47 Sonder Lock H28 Glue Type
S50 Sonder Lock 18C Glue Type
S62 18G Glue Type
S38 Glue Type 40C Glue Type
S65 40G Glue Type
S81 60C Glue Type
S83 60G Glue Type
S86 Sonder Lock Funke
S121 Sonder Lock FP02
S9 (1, 1/2) Rubber Liners FP04
S9 (2) Rubber Liners FP08
S9 (4) Rubber Liners FP10
S450 FP14

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